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Our  PTFE and Silicone conveyor belts are especially formulated to work in a large number of challenging environments that require, operation at extremes of temperature, a surface that offer good release, permeability for rapid moisture removal and be strong enough to keep up to the demands of a modern day production facility.

Due to the unique nature of PTFE or Teflon® many products or materials that come in to contact with its surface won’t permanently stick. This is highly beneficial where sticky foodstuffs or adhesive can otherwise be a problem.

We supply PTFE belts in varying styles; from small packaging types to large textile oven drying belt and are produced using a number of skilled techniques.

Our range of belting can be supplied in various thicknesses from 0.08mm - 0.9mm and widths from 20mm x 5m wide depending on style and type. We have the facilities to offer either spliced, mechanically fastened or prepared joints ready for on-site installation.

Specialist in conveyor Belts, PTFE belt, PTFE mesh belt, PU Belts and PVC Belts.

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  • Antistatic fusing belts

    Antistatic fusing belts

    Product code: BEL001

    PTFE coated antistatic conveyor belts for fusing, laminating or powder coating lines.

    Availability: Call for details

  • De-watering belts

    De-watering belts

    Product code: TAP001

    Polyester de-watering belts, used in food processing industries and water treatment plants for transport, filtration and separation.

    Availability: Call for details

  • Food process conveyor belts

    Food process conveyor belts

    Product code: BEL006

    Food grade belts are used in various applications such as dough pressing, oven conveying and high volume meat production.

    Availability: Call for details

  • Polymer mesh belts

    Polymer mesh belts

    Product code: BEL002

    Polyester Monofilament process conveyor belting

    Availability: Call for details

  • PTFE bag sealing belts

    PTFE bag sealing belts

    Product code: BEL005

    PTFE bag sealing belts are suited where thermal transfer through the belt seals plastic bags.

    Availability: Call for details

  • PTFE mesh belts

    PTFE mesh belts

    Product code: BEL003

    PTFE open mesh conveyer belting for use within air, ultraviolet and infrared dryer units.

    Availability: Call for details

  • PTFE sealer belts

    PTFE sealer belts

    Product code: BEL004

    PTFE Sealer belts are used in applications where thermal transfer seals plastic materials.

    Availability: Call for details

7 Item(s)

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