America oil-0

This hose is suitable for the medium duty suction and discharge of black fuel oils

Armorvin Press PU (non toxic)-0

This hose is suitable for 90% of full vacuum through the range


Delivery of liquids. Industry, fuel oil and other hydrocarbons


Safe and efficient removal of noxious fumes

Flowtex Anti Static-0

Industry, oil spillage, and oil reclamation. Developed for delivery of explosive and inflammable liquids

Polipo 10 Bar-0

Compressed air

Polipo 18 Bar-0

Compressed air

Ragno PU (food quality)-0

Pneumatic tooling, spray and paint guns

Superflex Calor-0

This ducting is ideally suited for automotive air intakes, general purpose air and fume extraction

Superflex PU - R-0

Ideally suited for the transfer of large granular abrasive particles

Superflex PU-H-0

Especially suited to course grained particles being conveyed at high velocity

Superflex PU-L/R-0

Hose suitable for the transfer of small granular abrasive particles

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