Bolt-Lube Spray


Bolt-Lube Spray is a high quality assembly and anti-sieze compound, designed for use on fasteners operating where arduous conditions may be encountered.

Bolt-Lube Spray provides the user with low friction lubrication while protecting against corrosion, seizure and wear. This spray assists in the accurate generation of the desired bolt stress reducing the required torque, easing assembly and subsequent disassembly of the bolted connection. Cold welding or galling associated with austenitic steel bolting is eliminated. Unlike many other anti-seize products Bolt-Lube contains very low levels of metals and other additives such as sulphur, and halogens minimising the potential for electrolytic or galvanic and pitting corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. It is not intended for use as a gasket paste.

Bolt-Lube Spray is based on a mixture of highly refined petroleum or mineral oil and inorganic dry lubricants and is suitable for use over a wide temperature range. It is particularly suitable for use in applications where the potential for corrosion exists or with high alloy bolting that may be exposed to elevated temperatures.


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