Deck Top Connect


This is the interlocking tile version of our popular dual-layer Deck Top anti-fatigue workplace mat. The tiles are made of hard-wearing PVC, backed with fusion bonded PVC foam to provide a cushioned surface for worker’s feet on cold, hard industrial or commercial floors.

Ideal for production lines, the Top Deck interlocking tiles make it easy to cover large or awkwardly shaped floor areas by simply connecting the mats together in any configuration to create a seamless anti-fatigue surface.
The surface of the Deck Top Connect tiles is self-extinguishing and resilient to many industrial chemicals, ensuring safety and a long life, with a checker-plate design that suits most industrial settings.

The tiles are 14mm thick and 50cm square, with ramped end and corner tiles available to reduce the risk of tripping.

These tiles will provide an even, safe surface as long as they are laid on a smooth floor surface.

You can order the deck top connect tiles you require directly here online, and we’ll ship them to you anywhere in the UK. If you need help or advice on measuring up your workspace for deck top connect tiles, or need information about any of our other workplace matting products, please get in touch on 0117 9541117, or contact us via our online contact form.

  • Interlocking tile version of our popular dual-layer mat
  • Interlocking tile modules designed to cover unusual or large floor areas.
  • Simply connect mats together in any configuration to create a seamless ant-fatigue surface.
  • Self-extinguishing top surface provides resilience to many industrial chemicals.
  • Comfortable foam "cushion" backing for fatigue relief.
  • Ramped edges reduce the risk of trips.
Product Code:PVCFLOOR137
£40.29 (ex. VAT)
£48.35 (incl. VAT)



PVC foam (fusion bonded, not glued)

Surface Finish

Diamond pattern

Product Height


Operating Temperature

0°C to +60°C

Environmental Resistance

Suitable for dry indoor environments

Installation Method

Loose lay

Cleaning Method

Brush/Mop the top surface

Country of Origin



Please ensure Deckplate Connect is laid on a smooth floor surface to ensure integrity of connections'


50cm x 50cm (Middle), 50cm x 50cm (End), 50cm x 50cm (Corner)


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