PVC Strip Curtain – Partial Overlap


Ideal for use with pedestrian or light vehicle traffic as an internal doorway or partition / divider, this PVC strip curtain can be produced in several variations: with or without edge marker strips, a choice of fixture and hanging methods and production using different strip materials.

Technical Specification

Individual strip dimensions (mm x mm) 300 x 3
Strip Overlap Partial
Strip Types Standard Clear PVC Strip,
Standard Double Ribbed PVC Strip,
Standard Polar PVC Strip,
Standard Polar Double Ribbed PVC Strip
Fixture Methods Face Fix, Soffit Fix
Hook On Hanging System Types Stainless Steel,
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty,
Edge Marker Strips Optional Extra

Variant Availability

Product Code Width (mm) Height (mm)
PVP001-01 1000 2000
PVP001-02 1500 2000
PVP001-03 2000 2000
PVP001-04 2500 2000
PVP001-05 3000 2000
PVP001-06 4000 2000