Oil and diesel are both fuels that are essential for certain activities in industry. They can also both be dangerous if they are not handled in the right way. This is why fuel has to be moved effectively, while also paying attention to the affordability of the transportation for those involved. If you move fuel on a regular basis, you will know how important it is to get the balance between safety and affordability right; you need to ensure that you get both.

PVC hose and ducting is widely used in the moving of fuel. It's a flexible and affordable solution that helps to ensure the efficient suction and delivery of liquids that need to be handled carefully.

The benefits of PVC hose and ducting

There are several benefits to be had from using PVC hose and ducting. It has a wide variety of uses including the transportation of air, water and of course fuel; the last of which we are specifically addressing in this article. Some of the general advantages of using PVC hose and ducting include:

  • Resistance to corrosion from chemicals.
  • Resistance to oxidation as the result of moisture.
  • Resistance to crushing.

PVC hosing and ducting is also lightweight so it's easy to manoeuvre and put in place. It's lack of weight does not affect its durability. This type of hosing and ducting can withstand heavy use with no problem. This  is why it's so often used in industry.

Why diesel and oil can be dangerous

Before we examine how these benefits work when PVC hose and ducting comes into contact with fuel, it's important to realise what dangers fuels like oil and diesel can present, and why they need to be moved in a safe and secure manner. If you are involved in the transportation of fuel, you are likely to be aware of these dangers but it always helps to be reminded of why you need safe systems in place.

  • If diesel or oil is spilled on a surface it can cause extremely slippery conditions. If this happens in an environment where machinery or vehicles are present serious accidents can result.
  • Fuel such as diesel and oil contains toxic chemicals which can lead to contamination if they come into contact with the water supply.
  • Spillages of oil and diesel can have a serious adverse effect on the health of local wildlife.
  • Oil and diesel are highly flammable and fire can break out if they are not moved safely.


Why PVC hose and ducting is an excellent solution for the transportation of fuel

One of the main reasons why PVC hose and ducting first appeals as a means of moving fuel is its affordability. As we mentioned at the start of this article, this is a major concern for any business that needs to move fuel safely while paying attention to its budget. You may wonder whether this affordability means that PVC could be prone to corrosion; this is not the case. PVC hose and ducting can be used for moving fuel on a long term basis without being adversely affected.

There is however the possibility of sparks if you do not choose the right product. You may be aware that plastics can be prone to becoming charged with static electricity. If sparks from this static electricity were to come into contact with highly flammable substances, such as oil and diesel, this could cause a potentially serious issue. Fortunately, you can invest in PVC hose and ducting which has anti-static properties. This prevents static electricity from becoming an issue.

All in all, PVC hose and ducting is one of the best friends you can have, if your business is involved in the movement of fuel. You can invest in a solution that provides you with a high level of durability, flexibility and safety while still being affordable. When you are looking for the right product for your requirements, remember to search for hosing and ducting that is specifically designed for use with fuel. Doing so means that you get a product that has all the design and material attributes that you need.

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