From our establishment in the industrial heart of Bristol in 1932, Provincial Rubber has played a leading role in meeting the rubber based product needs of  regional and wider industry. Since then both the materials have diversified as have the range of industrial sectors we equip. Polymers and Plastics being now key materials that we work with and supply.

Over the past eighty six years we have accumulated and retained an in-depth understanding of the capabilities (and limitations) of rubber, polymer and plastic products. We have a similarly long history in understanding the applications to which rubber, polymers and plastics can be applied, something we are always adding to as new technologies and applications come along.

All of this expertise we are happy to put at the disposal of our customers in industry. At heart we are ‘problem solvers’ and there’s nothing that gives us more satisfaction than to see our customers on the shop floor or on-site equipped with a solution that makes the most of the benefits and versatility of rubber and polymer products.

To find out more about our product range and areas of expertise contact us or call: 0117 954 1117.