Nitrile Rubber Sheet – White

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White Nitrile Rubber Sheeting - White Nitrile Rubber Sheets

Provincial Rubber’s white food quality nitrile rubber sheeting is approved for use in food, drink and pharmaceutical applications.

This high-quality synthetic rubber product (a blend of butadiene and acrylonitrile) has remarkable properties, making it ideal for use as gaskets, seals and sleeves in food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacturing or for any articles intended to come into contact with food.

Nitrile rubber sheeting provides first class resistance to vegetable oils, fish oils, animal fat and grease. It also has high tensile strength, resistance to abrasion and superior elongation at break specifications.
Best of all our white nitrile rubber sheeting can work unimpaired at extreme temperature variations of a minimum 25 degrees C and a maximum of 110 degrees C – from freezing to boiling in fact.

Provincial Rubber is pleased to have a large stock of white food quality nitrile rubber sheeting available to order online. Our substantial stocks of this popular product means that we are able to dispatch orders without delay for quick delivery to any address in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Choose from three thicknesses of white nitrile rubber sheeting – 1.5mm, 3mm, or 6mm. You will then be given the option of ordering a full 10 metre roll (1.4 metres wide) of white nitrile rubber sheeting, or you can select a shorter length at full width, simply select the ‘cut to length’ from the options available and we’ll cut it to size for you

If you’re ordering white nitrile rubber sheets for industrial purposes it is likely you will need specific cut outs in various shapes and sizes. We can supply this with pleasure – just telephone 0117 954 1117 to chat to one of our technical consultants about your requirements and we’ll give you a no-obligation quotation for your bespoke order.

Roll Length

10 mtr






60 /-5

Tensile Strength


Elongation at break %


Minimum temperature


Maximum temperature


Abrasion Resistance


Compression Set


Please Note: There is a tolerance of +/-5% for all sizes of rubber sheeting, rubber matting and sponge rubber products.