High Temperature Silicone Sheet for 300°C

Product Code:SIL020

Specifically designed for high-temperature applications reaching up to 300℃, our heat proof silicone sheet is also non-toxic. FDA approval ensures this high temperature silicone sheet is ideal for food processing environments. Additionally, the sheeting benefits from other performance characteristics associated with standard silicone sheet, notably excellent flexibility and resilience.

High Temperature Silicone Sheet use cases

Due to its food-grade construction, our High Temperature Silicone Sheet is typically utilised by the food manufacturing sector in applications where temperature resistance is crucial. This includes non-stick baking mats, oven liners, machinery gaskets and belting. Easy to work with and highly versatile, heat proof silicone sheeting may also feature in manufacturing applications outside the food processing industry.

High Temperature Silicone Rubber Sheet technical specifications

Our white High Temperature Silicone Sheet is sold in one-metre wide rolls that we can cut to your required length. We recommend contacting the Provincial Rubber sales office to discuss your needs and requirements. Our expert team will be able to answer any questions you have and will facilitate the order process.

Industry-leading customer support

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