Silicone Rubber Sheet – Red

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Silicone rubber, made from sand, is an elastomer that is non-reactive, stable and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures – all characteristics that make it incredibly useful in a wide range of industry, like catering, automotive, electronics, energy, food and beverage and heating.

Provincial Rubber supplies Red silicone rubber sheeting of a very high quality that is suitable for safe use with food and drink.

Incredibly this red silicone sheeting can operate in temperatures ranging from -60 degrees C to 230 degrees C. It also has good release properties and resistance to UV, ozone and weathering.

Our Silicone Rubber Sheeting is available to order online in 10-metre long rolls, 1.4 metres wide, and three thicknesses – 6mm, 3mm and 1.5mm. We also offer the option of ordering smaller sheets of red silicone rubber – choose the ‘cut to length’ option and enter the size you require.

We have many customers who want bespoke shapes and sizes cut from red silicone rubber sheeting, and we are very happy to oblige. We have the facilities to cut customised rubber items from sheeting precisely and expertly. To order bespoke cut shapes and sizes call our sales team on 0117 954 1117 to discuss your requirements.

Provincial Rubber are recognised as leading national suppliers of rubber, plastic and polymers. We deliver quickly and efficiently to addresses across the UK, and our reputation for excellent customer service is unrivalled. Order your red silicone rubber sheeting online now with confidence, using our safe, secure payment system. If you have any queries please get in touch.

Roll Length

10 mtr

Roll Width

1200 mm

Minimum temperature


Maximum temperature


Intermittent maximum


Brittle point

-80°C (ASTM D746)

Limiting Oxygen Index

24% (BS 2782 Part 1)

Thermal Conductivity

0.24 W/m/K (VDE 0304)

Radation Resiance

>10-5 Grays (107 Rads) typical

Dielectric Strength (VDE 0303)

Dielctric Constant

2.9 (VDE 0303)

Dissipation Factor

2×10-4 (VDE 0303)

Volume Resistivity


FDA Approved


Please Note: There is a tolerance of +/-5% for all sizes of rubber sheeting, rubber matting and sponge rubber products.