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Abrasion Resistant Rubber - Excellent abrasion and wear resistance
Commercial Grade Rubber. Used for seals, packing pieces, general purpose barriers, flooring, bench covers and much more.
Commercial Grade EPDM rubber, excellent resistance to water, steam, weathering, ozone, and many chemicals
An EPDM Rubber Sheet, suitable for use with drinking water applications. Only fit for use when the water temp is below 60°C

flame retardant silicone sheet. Also meets stringent rail industry fire standards.

FDA compliant high temperature silicone sheet for use up to 300°C

Outstanding resistance to chemicals and oils. It performs at high and low temperatures, with good ozone and weather resistance.
A general purpose rubber with an inter layer of reinforcement fabric. A hard wearing material often used as seals, gaskets and packing pieces

Metal Detectable Silicone Sheet. FDA compliant and ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries where metal detection is required.

High quality white rubber suitable for medium temperature applications and handling foodstuffs. FDA approved.
Soft Natural rubber. Excellent abrasion resistance. Also known as Shot Blast Rubber or Para quality.
Neoprene Rubber with outstanding physical toughness, resistant to degradation from sun, ozone and weather
Good resistance to water, oil, fuel and other petroleum products. Works at temperatures as low as minus 40°C.
Resistance to petroleum, various chemicals, mineral and vegetable oils. High and low temperatures. FDA approved.
FDA approved Nitrile Rubber has excellent resistance to petroleum, mineral and vegetable oils. Suitable for use with high and low temperatures.
A general purpose silicone sheet with excellent sealing properties. Suitable for use at both high and low temperatures.
General purpose silicone sheeting with excellent sealing properties. Suitable for use at both high and low temperatures.
High performance. Outstanding resistance to chemicals, acids, oils and petroleum products at high temperatures
Barrier Mats are used in a variety of applications to reduce the effect of noise

Comprehensive range of industrial rubber products

We hold some of the largest stocks in the industry, only sell quality products and offer the quickest deliveries.

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