UMHW tapes

Product Code:TAP004

For applications where a low coefficient of friction is required and no real temperature is involved the UHMW polyethylene (ultra high molecular weight) tape is ideally suited.

Provincial Rubber UHMW tapes can be used as an abrasion-resistant, anti-stick, anti-friction surface at temperatures up to 82 °C. Provincial Rubber UHMW tape is frequently used to line chutes and conveyors. This is often applied to guide rails to reduce noise levels in places such as bottling plants. UHMW tape is also used to replace desk drawer bearings to provide silky smooth, friction-free drawer movement. Ideally suited for surfaces where low friction is required in an arduous environment.

UHMW tape exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and it has a low coefficient of friction, making it an excellent protector for surfaces or bearings that experience heavy wear. Provincial Rubber is more economical than PTFE tapes. The high-temperature, high-tack rubber adheres readily to most dry, clean surfaces, firmly anchoring the product in place.