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PTFE adhesive tapes with high temperature resistant surfaces and pressure sensitive silicone adhesives.

PTFE-Glass fabric zone tapes are primarily used in applications where it is important that the adhesive doesn’t come in to contact with a heating element or it is necessary to cover an expensive component of a packaging machine such as silicone sponge or foam. Zone tapes are used in applications where PTFE-Glass fabric needs to be mechanically fastened to a surface. Zone tapes are used as a barrier between the hot surface of an impulse heating element and the material that is to be sealed, usually within the packaging industry. This tends to be the sealing of plastics carrier bags […]

Skived PTFE Tapes for applications requiring high temperature resistance, low friction and non-stick surfaces.

UHMW tapes can be used as abrasion-resistant, anti-stick, anti-friction surfaces at temperatures up to 82C.

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