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Compression Packing

We offer a full range of compression packings for valve, rotary pump, and reciprocating pump applications. Our packing utilise the most advanced production techniques and materials to ensure high integrity even in the most demanding of industrial applications.

Material constructions include PTFE, Graphite and carbon fibre and synthetic fibres in a variety of combinations. For high performance valve applications, we also have exfoliated graphite die formed rings in virtually any size, section or density to suit requirements.

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  • Uni-Pac 1

    Uni-Pac 1

    Product code: COP001

    A pure expanded braided graphite packing with corrosion inhibitors suitable for high temperatures. Resistant to almost all chemicals and steam.

    Availability: Call for details

  • Uni-Pac 2

    Uni-Pac 2

    Product code: COP002

    A pure expanded braided graphite packing reinforced with an Inconel wire with corrosion inhibitors. Suitable for high temperatures and pressures. Resistant to most chemicals and pressures.

    Availability: Call for details

  • Uni-Pac 3

    Uni-Pac 3

    Product code: COP003

    A carbon fibre packing. Impregnated with PTFE dispersion and graphite lubricant.

    Availability: Call for details

  • Uni-Pac 4

    Uni-Pac 4

    Product code: COP004

    A Pure PTFE filament yarn packing impregnated with PTFE dispersion.

    Availability: Call for details

  • Uni-Pac 5

    Uni-Pac 5

    Product code: COP005

    A firm packing with the seam strand and corner strands consisting of specialised fibres for improved performance.

    Availability: Call for details

  • Uni-Pac 6

    Uni-Pac 6

    Product code: COP006

    A firm flax yarn packing impregnated with wax dispersion and tallow lubricant.

    Availability: Call for details

  • Uni-Pac 7

    Uni-Pac 7

    Product code: COP007

    A glass yarn firmly constructed packing, lubricated with both graphite and mineral lubricants.

    Availability: Call for details

  • Uni-Pac 8 Environmental

    Uni-Pac 8 Environmental

    Product code: COP008

    A top-of-the-range fugitive emission control packing for valves.

    Availability: Call for details

  • Uni-Pac 9 Control

    Uni-Pac 9 Control

    Product code: COP009

    A high integrity sealing capability packing, with very low stem friction for control accuracy, derived from its unique design and manufacture.

    Availability: Call for details

9 Item(s)

per page