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Single ply glass fibre re-inforced silicone sheet. A non-stretch solution for belting, gaskets etc. including higher temp (to 250°C).

Standards compliant (including food industry and flame retardant) foam sheet. Soft open-cell sponge texture.

Standards compliant (including food industry and flame retardant) foam strips. Soft open-cell sponge texture.

Available in a variety of diameters and leg lengths.

Reinforced silicone hose for use in extreme temperatures on automotive, marine and industrial heating and cooling systems.

flame retardant silicone sheet. Also meets stringent rail industry fire standards.

Fluorosilicone Lined Hose suitable for volatile fuels, oil and other chemicals.

A versatile high temperature sealing profile suitable for sealing ovens, incubators and electrical enclosures.

FDA compliant high temperature silicone sheet for use up to 300°C

Grade HT800 sponge sheet with a wide range of uses where soft spong compliance is required.

Grade HT800 sponge strip sheet with a wide range of uses where soft spong compliance is required. FDA and flame retardant.

Metal Detectable Silicone Sheet. FDA compliant and ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries where metal detection is required.

Platinum Cured Braided Hose with high transparency, no peroxide bi-products and compliant with medical / pharmaceutical specs.

Platinum cured pressure hose, polyester fabric re-inforced

Platinum Cured Silicone 'U' Profile ideal for panel edge protection.

Platinum Cured Silicone Moulded Sheet eNqV2M1OwkAUhuE9V0G4ABnP/GSipQtduMQYEuOy0ok0NK1pi8rdWwyLYqx9Z9nmybv4TgKEpMte yzAv8tXiI2uKrOraxbztjmVYLfKifS+z401VV+F2kc6SrkmTbpdudsV2X4W2TZb90+z06r4u60Nz fl727ozz9PpK9S/y04s8fd4VXTg//lIWKEEtQS2NWgYpi5RDyrO9FGMC1x+oTZNVbXnYhqqbvNSE lYiuRHR1RNdEWBthXYT1MfuqGCxRlxvYx6LaT553DAkpCSlpUjIEWYIcQR7tpJAStvkAPTThOHmY MSSkJKSkSckQZAlyBHm0k0JK2OYD9BTyybuMGAEdAR0NOgYYC4wDxpN9FEGClr408/VXkQdyk3Ep uCm4qXHTYGmxdFh6vqfiVCKuNJDr/rvrbfqY40xYTVhNs5phzDLmGPNwNwWd0DsM2Esoy/pz8lzj TFhNWE2zmmHMMuYY83A3BZ3QO1x+wYWK/Kr4WwlqCWpp1DJIWaQcUp7tpRgTuP5A3ZWH6c+/MSSk JKSkSckQZAlyBHm0k0Lq/6WWP3+HpLNvRk4Wsg==
Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber Vacuum Hose 4 Ply Polyester & Wire Reinforced. eNqVks0OgjAQhO88BekDLJR/tPTkxcSjiedqN9JYqqGNCW8vGBLkJL3tzM43e1nmxFVjqGRD3qJX wjhLQusGjQ2Ryr60GHbmaXBPeMBcz5lr+dFYJTE8KNGhw55FoxdMi4vQOjy36vYwaO3in9DcXTvr aGyZqySnCZSjIydH8gzqH9HN8xqoIfYCkhwyLyClUPkBFVAvII89LxQp5EumgOQfUK4yGwAaUyi2 EdH3Y3jwAXbbpXw=

Blue silicone braided hose - an economical high pressure solution.

Silicone Braided Hose - Transparent inner / red outer - industrial grade with economy.

Silicone Coloured Tubing. Typically for automotive, solar and small bore vacuum applications.

Silicone Jewellery Cord for jewellery applications.

Silicone Sleeving - highly versatile in its use - from electrical insulation to fishing lures.

Silicone Sponge Cord - suitable for a wide range of sealing applications.

General pupose Silicone Sponge Sheet

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