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  • Novatex Gasket Sheet

    Novatex Gasket Sheet

    Product code: NOV001

    Very soft and can be highly compressed with relatively light torque, Novatex Gasket Sheet can be applied in FRP, Porcelain, Plastic and Glass lined piping or vessels. It is very strong and tough, it can also withstand high compressive loads without affecting its sealing capability.

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  • Novatex Gasket Tape

    Novatex Gasket Tape

    Product code: NOV003

    Novatex Gasket Tape can be used wherever a thin gasket is needed and wherever an FDA suitable material is required.

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  • Novatex Joint Sealant

    Novatex Joint Sealant

    Product code: NOV002

    Novatex Joint Sealant has high tensile strength, flexibility and tough properties. It is an ideal economic sealing gasket with a superior performance even in highly corrosive applications. Its resistance to chemical and thermal attack is excellent.

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  • Novatex Valve Stem Packing

    Novatex Valve Stem Packing

    Product code: NOV004

    Novatex Valve Stem Packing, made from 100% expanded PTFE is highly pliable and will conform to worn stems and packing glands to help eliminate the need for costly downtime and repair.

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4 Item(s)

per page