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Provincial Rubber Polyurethane productsPolyurethane is a unique material that offers the elasticity of rubber combined with the toughness and durability of metal. It can be manufactured in a variety of hardness's ranging from rubber band soft to bowling ball hard.

Due to the versatility of polyurethane, the range of components that can be manufactured are vast.

Parts made from polyurethane are proven to outwear other materials in particular when abrasion is a factor. It is vastly superior to rubber, plastics and metal in many applications. It has a higher load bearing capacity than any conventional rubber. This makes it an ideal material for load wheels fitted to fork trucks etc, heavy duty couplings, metal forming pads, shock absorbing pads, machine mounts etc.In fact it can be moulded into virtually any form given the correct moulds and tooling is used.

Should you have an abrasion issue regarding machine components resulting in expensive production down time, then replacing the part or parts manufactured in polyurethane will in most cases solve the problem, thus reducing your operational costs. It is difficult to be specific on products due to the versatility of polyurethane which can be virtually moulded into any shape or component given the correct design, mould and tooling. However, some examples are listed below:

• Pressing bags and membranes for ceramics • Blocks, slabs and bar used for machining small engineering components

• Ornate street furniture e.g. bollards, lampposts, litter bins etc

• Industrial wheel and tyre e.g. fork trucks, pallet trucks etc

• Consumable parts for paper converting machinery e.g. anvil covers etc

• Roller coverings • Conveyor belt scraper blades

• Moulds for casting concrete products e.g. paving slabs

• Abrasive resistant components for shot blasting equipment

• Shock absorbing pads for pile drivers

• Suspension bushes for automotive industry

• Cutting sticks for newspaper industry

• Star wheels for soil preparation and potato harvesting

• High impact bump stops

• Flexible drive couplings

• Quarry screen