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Roller Recovering

Provincial Rubber Roller Recovering ServiceWe offer a complete roller recovery service for all industries. We can cater to your requirements as they arise. Our vast experience in packaging, printing, food, woodworking, laundries, plastics and many other applications means the correct covering each time.

A wide range of rubber covering is available, including Natural, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone and Hypalon, all available in a wide range of shore hardness.

Especially Hypalon has some unique and outstanding  resistance to most of the chemicals, heat and oil are one of the most important characteristics. Hypalon is flame resistant and it also offers excellent color stability, weather and abrasion resistance. Like most of the synthetics Hypalon has the superior resistance over natural rubber in temperature, oil and resistance to the effect of ozone. Hypalon is ideally suited for commercial, industrial and institutional applications, especially where strong chemical resistance is required.

It is not just rubber that can be used. Polyurothane, Ebonite, even PTFE are among other materials used.

All surfaces can be finished to specification, eg: Polished, Crowned, Grooved or Ground finish.