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About Belting

Here is a quick introduction to belting.

Conveyor Belting

Light duty conveyor belting falls into several categories as follows:

POLYURETHANE - lightweight conveyor belting, stronger and more durable than other materials but very flexible. It has long been the number one choice for the food industry, easy to clean, it has the ability to adapt to small rollers found in this environment, colours include food safe white and blue.

Belting servicesPVC - is a multi-purpose, economic, widely used belting, used in many industries including packaging, printing and food. It is available in a variety of smooth and grip surfaces and many colours including white, green, black and blue.

SILICONE - coated belts have good release properties and retains high grip in dust free environments. POLYPROPYLENE and POLYETHYLENE non-stick belts are also available, along with the COTTON and POLYESTER belts that are still used in the food industry.

Transmission and conveyor belting

All these belts can be joined at our premises or on site, either vulcanising or fastener fitting by our team of fitters using various methods and joints as specified.

Modular Belting

Plastic modular belting is available in Polypropylene, Polyethelyene and Acetal, open mesh or flat, this positive drive belting, easily assembled, with sprockets supplied as required, and steel and plastic chain belting, widely used in industry, straight and side flexing chain manufactured in various polymers.

Modular belting


Wire Belting

Wire belting in all its forms, available on request: enrober belts, balanced spiral belts, furnace and chain edged belts. Backed up by the manufacturers technical expertise, we can offer a site visit facility to enable you to make the right choice.

Wire belting


Other Belt Types and Fasteners

An extensive range of anti static tapes designed for use as feeders, sheeters, folders, creasers and collators, uncoated or rubber coated surfaces, available in roll form, endless or ends prepared. We only use belting from major manufacturers and can be vulcanised by ourselves or with equipment that can be supplied to the customer. More recently our quick bond belting has become more popular, available in standard and elasticated grades, special equipment required for joining these belts is available on request.

Folder Gluer belts are in the main made for the carton industry, manufactured with a high tensile nylon centre, covered with hard wearing rubber both sides, or in some cases chrome leather. Also used here are feed belts, usually linatex/rubber covered belting built on flat or timing belts.

Black Rubber heavy duty belting, for use in the very hard wearing applications, can be supplied to specification including flighted, side-walled or fitted with chevrons. We can also on site vulcanise as required, or supply belts endless or fastener fitted.

Fasteners - all types, such as staple, clipper, unibar and alligator types can be purchased separately from ourselves, tools to fit the above fasteners can also be obtained as needed.