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Spiral Belts

Spiral belts are specifically designed for low tension spiral applications in buffering, proofing, cooling or freezing lines.

Plastic Spiral Belts Advantages

By retrofitting your current spiral system or ordering your new spiral system with KVP® modular plastic spiral belt, you can:

  • Stop metal belt wear debris and steel lubricant contamination of your products.
  • End stainless steel "black spec" of your products forever.
  • Boost product yields with non-stick, FDA/USDA approved, direct-contact plastic belt surfaces.
  • Increase product throughput with greater loading capacity of lighter, stronger belts.
  • Improve product's support, orientation, air-flow and drainage through multiple belt surface configurations and accessories.
  • Reduce spiral down-time with reduced system wear, lower belt tension, less ice and frost build-up, and quick, thorough belt cleanability.
  • Reduce maintenance time by:
    • Eliminating steel belt "run-in/break-in", lubrication and periodic "flipping."
    • Eliminating periodic wear strip and cage-bar cap replacement.
    • Eliminating steel belt cutting, grinding and welding.


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  • HabasitLINK M2540

    HabasitLINK M2540

    Product code: SPR003

    Radius Flush Grid 1"

    Availability: Call for details

  • HabasitLINK M2544

    HabasitLINK M2544

    Product code: SPR004

    Tight Radius 1"

    Availability: Call for details

  • HabasitLINK M3843

    HabasitLINK M3843

    Product code: SPR005

    Tight Radius 1.5"

    Availability: Call for details

  • HabasitLINK M5290

    HabasitLINK M5290

    Product code: SPR011

    Radius Flush Grid 2"

    Availability: Call for details

  • HabasitLINK M5293

    HabasitLINK M5293

    Product code: SPR012

    Tight Radius 2"

    Availability: Call for details

  • KVP CT610

    KVP CT610

    Product code: SPR002

    All-In-One Curved Top

    Availability: Call for details

  • KVP IS610

    KVP IS610

    Product code: SPR001

    All-In-One 1"

    Availability: Call for details

  • KVP IS615

    KVP IS615

    Product code: SPR006


    Availability: Call for details

  • KVP IS620

    KVP IS620

    Product code: SPR007


    Availability: Call for details

  • KVP PR620

    KVP PR620

    Product code: SPR008

    Spiral Pro

    Availability: Call for details

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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