When fitting out a business facility, flooring is an important aspect. It isn’t enough to just focus on the aesthetic. Obviously, the look is important for the atmosphere and environment for the people who work in your business and it is important to have the right effect in areas that will be frequented by the public, but health and safety should be a concern too. Every area whether a working space or a public area needs to have appropriate flooring.

You might automatically think this means considering things like carpet for office areas and public areas, and concrete, tiles, or paving for areas of heavy traffic or manufacturing. That is fine – everywhere needs a floor, but there is one material that complements most floor types and adds to the efficiency and safety of any other flooring type, and this is rubber matting.

Rubber matting can be used as the primary floor covering, it can used on top of a base covering, or can be inset into the base floor covering. There are various areas within a business facility to make the most of the benefits of rubber matting:

Entrance Zones

Entrance areas are by their very nature heavy traffic areas. The flooring should be hardwearing and easy to clean and should also look good if members of the public have access. Using rubber matting in entrance areas has a number of benefits:

  • It can be used as door mats over the base flooring, protecting it and prolonging its life
  • Used as the primary flooring, it is available in various colours to fit in with most décor schemes
  • Rubber provides a non-slip surface and is easy to keep clean.

Rubber mats can be laid over the top of existing flooring. They can be fixed in place or will have a natural attraction with some surfaces that means they will not slip. Rubber mats can also be fitted into recesses in the floor if enhanced safety is required.

Areas of High Traffic

Like entrance zones, the flooring for areas of high traffic needs to be durable and easy to clean. Although matting can be used, rubber is an excellent choice as the primary floor covering. Rubber is durable offering longevity against wear and tear and it also helps to stop the spreading of dirt, dust and debris. Another advantage of rubber matting in areas of high footfall is that it is a low-noise option.

Electrical Risk Zones

Although the health and safety features have been mentioned for other areas, it is in electrical risk zones where rubber matting really matters. No other regular flooring material offers the same insulation as rubber, so it becomes essential where there is a risk of shock. It is important to gauge the level of risk as there are regulations regarding working with live electricity (such as lift control panels, switchboards) rather than areas that have a lower risk such as a computer server room or a general area where a lot of appliances/machines work on electricity.

Wet Areas

As well as the benefits of rubber matting outlined above, it has properties that lend itself to flooring in wet areas such as kitchens, food prep areas, staff break/rest rooms. Slip hazards are mitigated by the anti-slip nature and with waterproof rubbing matting, you have a material that is easy to clean and does not soak up spills – particularly good for kitchens where food and beverage spills are likely. It is easy to use a mop or cloth to completely remove the spillage ensuring nothing is left behind to mould or grow harmful (and smelly) bacteria.

Productivity Zones

Overall, rubber is a comfortable surface. If you have operatives standing at machines or workstations all day, it is much more palatable for them to stand on rubber than concrete or other hard floor surface. Again, the durability of rubber comes into play as well as it creating a flat, even surface for good foot support. Rubber matting is a good anti-fatigue surface.

The beauty of rubber is that it is so versatile. It can be used in many industrial and commercial applications. It is available as mats, pre-cut lengths or can be cut to fit all sorts or size and shape of space. It can be plain, patterned or coloured so it offers aesthetic appeal as well as enhancing health and safety.

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