Metal Jacketed Gaskets


Metal jacketed gaskets consist of a metal cover and a ‘soft ’ sealing material filler. The sealing filler provides outstanding resilience, while the metal jacket guarantees good sealing and protects the filler against pressure conditions, fluctuating temperatures and corrosion. A wide variety of materials are available to guarantee satisfactory sealing.

Jacketed gaskets can be produced as one-piece or welded bar gaskets. Welded metal jacketed gaskets are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and styles. Generally they are used in Heat Exchangers, Vessels, Pumps, Autoclaves, Engines, Valves, and Exhaust Systems.

Welded bar metal jacketed gaskets offer the following benefits over one-piece gaskets with integral bars:

  • Lower price - Typical cost savings 10% to 40% (depending on material)
  • Quicker delivery - Less time to manufacture
  • Technically superior and safer - Extra sealing safeguards give a better gasket
  • Longer sealing life - Bars seal independently of the outer ring.


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