XF Couplings Coupler Half


Technical Specifications

Interchangeable with Rectus 25/26 and Cejn 320.

Product Availability

Product Code Size
PQR011-01 Male Thread R 1/4
PQR011-02 Male Thread R 3/8
PQR011-03 Male Thread R 1/2
PQR011-04 Female Thread Rp 1/4
PQR011-05 Female Thread Rp 3/8
PQR011-06 Female Thread RP 1/2
PQR011-07 6mm Hose Tailpiece
PQR011-08 8mm Hose Tailpiece
PQR011-09 10mm Hose Tailpiece
PQR011-10 13mm Hose Tailpiece
PQR011-11 Male Thread G 1/4 Safety Coupling
PQR011-12 Male Thread G 3/8 Safety Coupling
PQR011-13 Male Thread G1/2 Safety Coupling
PQR011-14 Female Thread G 1/4 Safery Coupling
PQR011-15 Female Thread G 3/8 Safety Coupling
PQR011-16 Female Thread G 1/2 Safety Coupling