Luisiana Antistatico

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Product Code:PVCHSE021

PVC hose with rigid PVC spiral and copper wire for making the hose antistatic. Designed for both the delivery and suction of food liquids.

Product CodeØ I.D.Ø I.D.Ø O.D.Total ThicknessWeightBending RadiusWorking Pressure 1:3 23°CVacuum 23°cSpiral PitchSpiral DirectionCoil Length
PVCHSE021-0118 mm24 mm3 mm260 g/m70 mm8 bar7 m h2o6 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-0220 mm26.2 mm3.1 mm275 g/m75 mm8 bar7 m h2o6.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-0322 mm28.4 mm3.2 mm300 g/m80 mm/ bar/ m h2o7 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-041 inch25 mm31.6 mm3.3 mm330 g/m120 mm8 bar7 m h2o7.4 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-0530 mm37 mm3.5 mm420 g/m140 mm7 bar7 m h2o7.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-061 1/4 inch32 mm39.2 mm3.6 mm460 g/m150 mm7 bar7 m h2o7.7 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-0735 mm42.2 mm3.6 mm500 g/m160 mm7 bar7 m h2o7.7 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-081 1/2 inch38 mm45.4 mm3.7 mm550 g/m170 mm6 bar7 m h2o7.6 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-0940 mm47.6 mm3.8 mm610 g/m180 mm6 bar7 m h2o7.8 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-101 3/4 inch45 mm52.4 mm3.7 mm670 g/m200 mm6 bar7 m h2o8 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-112 inch50 mm58.2 mm4.1 mm810 g/m220 mm6 bar7 m h2o8.3 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-122 inch51 mm-------right50 m
PVCHSE021-1355 mm63.6 mm4.3 mm860 g/m248 mm6 bar7 m h2o9.8 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-1460 mm68.4 mm4.2 mm970 g/m270 mm5 bar7 m h2o8.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-152 1/2 inch63 mm71.5 mm4 mm1040 g/m290 mm5 bar7 m h2o8.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-1670 mm78.4 mm4.2 mm1200 g/m320 mm4 bar7 m h2o9 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-1775 mm85.4 mm5.2 mm1380 g/m350 mm4 bar7 m h2o9.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE021-183 inch76 mm-------right25 m
PVCHSE021-1980 mm90.6 mm5.3 mm1560 g/m360 mm4 bar7 m h2o-right25 m
PVCHSE021-203 inch89 mm-------right25 m
PVCHSE021-213 inch90 mm100.6 mm5.3 mm1850 g/m430 mm4 bar7 m h2o-right25 m
PVCHSE021-22100 mm112 mm6 mm2200 g/m480 mm4 bar7 m h2o-right25 m
PVCHSE021-234 inch102 mm114.2 mm6.3 mm2160 g/m480 mm4 bar7 m h2o-right25 m
PVCHSE021-24110 mm122 mm6 mm2500 g/m530 mm4 bar5 m h2o-right25 m
PVCHSE021-25120 mm132.4 mm6.2 mm2850 g/m680 mm3 bar5 m h2o-right25 m
PVCHSE021-26125 mm137.6 mm6.3 mm3130 g/m730 mm3 bar5 m h2o-right25 m
PVCHSE021-275 inch127 mm127 mm6.8 mm3130 g/m/ mm3 bar5 m h2o-right25 m
PVCHSE021-28150 mm164.2 mm7.2 mm4250 g/m810 mm3 bar5 m h2o-right25 m
PVCHSE021-296 inch152 mm167.2 mm7.4 mm4250 g/m/ mm3 bar5 m h2o-right25 m
PVCHSE021-30200 mm218.2 mm9.1 mm6400 g/m900 mm2 bar5 m h2o-right10 m