Jamaica Hd


Flexible lay-flat Nitrile Rubber (NBR) hose with a polyester yarn reinforcement. Designed to be resistant to elongation and for the pressurised delivery of liquids in general.

Product Code:PVCHSE115
Ø I.D.:
Total Thickness:
Bending Radius:
Working Pressure 1:3 23°C:
Bursting Pressure 23°C:
Tensile Strength:
Tensile Breaking Load:
Coil Length:
£0.00 per coil (ex. VAT)
£0.00 (incl. VAT)
Product CodeØ I.D.Ø I.D.Total ThicknessWeightBending RadiusWorking Pressure 1:3 23°CBursting Pressure 23°CTensile StrengthTensile Breaking LoadCoil Length
PVCHSE115-013/4 inch20 mm2.1 mm220 g/m500 mm30 bar90 bar850 kg2040 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-0222 mm2.1 mm230 g/m550 mm30 bar90 bar900 kg2160 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-031 inch25 mm2.1 mm250 g/m600 mm30 bar90 bar1000 kg2400 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-041 1/4 inch32 mm2.1 mm295 g/m650 mm25 bar75 bar1340 kg3216 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-051 1/2 inch38 mm2.1 mm340 g/m750 mm20 bar60 bar1700 kg4080 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-061 2/3 inch40 mm2.1 mm350 g/m900 mm20 bar60 bar1970 kg4728 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-071 3/4 inch45 mm2.1 mm370 g/m950 mm20 bar60 bar2060 kg4944 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-082 inch52 mm2.1 mm460 g/m1150 mm20 bar60 bar2435 kg5844 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-092 1/16 inch55 mm2.2 mm490 g/m1150 mm17 bar51 bar2605 kg6252 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-102 1/2 inch64 mm2.25 mm600 g/m1400 mm17 bar51 bar2960 kg7104 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-112 3/4 inch70 mm2.25 mm640 g/m1500 mm17 bar51 bar3355 kg8052 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-123 inch75 mm2.5 mm735 g/m1500 mm17 bar51 bar3940 kg9456 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-133 1/4 inch80 mm2.6 mm745 g/m1550 mm15 bar45 bar4210 kg10104 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-143 1/2 inch90 mm2.7 mm920 g/m1600 mm15 bar45 bar4520 kg10848 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-154 inch102 mm2.9 mm1070 g/m1750 mm17 bar51 bar5100 kg12240 kg60 m
PVCHSE115-164 1/3 inch110 mm3 mm1180 g/m1800 mm15 bar45 bar5550 kg13320 kg30 m
PVCHSE115-174 1/2 inch115 mm3 mm1265 g/m1800 mm10 bar30 bar5930 kg14232 kg30 m
PVCHSE115-185 inch125 mm3 mm1425 g/m2200 mm15 bar45 bar7000 kg16800 kg30 m
PVCHSE115-196 inch152 mm3 mm1675 g/m2450 mm14 bar42 bar9060 kg21744 kg30 m
PVCHSE115-208 inch203 mm3.5 mm2600 g/m3200 mm14 bar42 bar12040 kg28896 kg30 m
PVCHSE115-2110 inch254 mm3.8 mm3000 g/m3450 mm10 bar30 bar16360 kg39264 kg30 m


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