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Flexible lay-flat PVC hose, with a polyester yarn reinforcement. Designed to be resistant to elongation and for the pressurised delivery of liquids in general.

Product CodeØ I.D.Ø O.D.Wall ThicknessWeightWorking Pressure 1:3 23°CWorking Pressure 40°CBursting Pressure 23°CTensile Breaking LoadCoil Length
PVCHSE114-0125 mm27 mm1 mm115 g/m7 bar4.0 bar21.0 bar224 kg50-100 m
PVCHSE114-0232 mm34 mm1 mm150 g/m7 bar4.0 bar21.0 bar288 kg50-100 m
PVCHSE114-0338 mm40 mm1 mm210 g/m5 bar3.0 bar15.0 bar335 kg50-100 m
PVCHSE114-0440 mm42 mm1 mm225 g/m5 bar3.0 bar15.0 bar350 kg50-100 m
PVCHSE114-0551 mm54 mm1,5 mm280 g/m5 bar3.0 bar15.0 bar445 kg50-100 m
PVCHSE114-0660 mm63 mm1,5 mm350 g/m4 bar2.4 bar12.0 bar495 kg50-100 m
PVCHSE114-0763 mm66 mm1,5 mm370 g/m4 bar2.4 bar12.0 bar530 kg50-100 m
PVCHSE114-0876 mm79 mm1,5 mm475 g/m4 bar2.4 bar12.0 bar625 kg50-100 m
PVCHSE114-0980 mm83 mm1,5 mm490 g/m4 bar2.4 bar12.0 bar655 kg50-100 m
PVCHSE114-10102 mm105.5 mm1,6 mm650 g/m4 bar2.4 bar12.0 bar830 kg50-100 m
PVCHSE114-11152 mm156 mm2 mm1250 g/m3 bar1.8 bar9.0 bar1250 kg50-100 m
PVCHSE114-12204 mm209 mm2,5 mm1700 g/m2,5 bar1.5 bar8.0 bar1700 kg50-100 m