Ragno Antigelo

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Product Code:PVCHSE092

Soft PVC hose with polyester yarn reinforcement. Designed for the delivery of water in agriculture and flower-growing.

Product CodeØ I.D.Ø I.D.Ø O.D.Total ThicknessWeightBending RadiusWorking Pressure 1:3 23°CBursting Pressure 23°CCoil Length
PVCHSE092-013/8 inch10 mm15 mm2.5 mm125 g/m54 mm8 bar24 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-0212 mm16 mm2 mm110 g/m90 mm6 bar18 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-031/2 inch13 mm18 mm2.5 mm155 g/m64 mm8 bar24 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-041/2 inch13 mm19 mm3 mm180 g/m78 mm8 bar24 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-0515 mm18.5 mm1.75 mm125 g/m52 mm6 bar18 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-065/8 inch16 mm21 mm2.5 mm190 g/m96 mm8 bar24 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-075/8 inch16 mm22 mm3 mm230 g/m90 mm8 bar24 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-0818 mm23.4 mm2.7 mm230 g/m-6 bar18 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-093/4 inch19 mm25 mm3 mm275 g/m-7 bar21 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-103/4 inch19 mm26 mm3.5 mm310 g/m105 mm7 bar21 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-1122 mm29 mm3.5 mm370 g/m-7 bar21 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-121 inch25 mm32 mm3.5 mm400 g/m-6 bar18 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-131 inch25 mm33 mm4 mm460 g/m310 mm6 bar18 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-1430 mm38 mm4 mm560 g/m-6 bar18 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-1535 mm45 mm5 mm700 g/m-5 bar15 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-1640 mm50 mm5 mm840 g/m525 mm4 bar12 bar50 m
PVCHSE092-172 inch50 mm60 mm5 mm1300 g/m-4 bar12 bar25 m