Shark Hose


Transparent PVC hose with shock-resistant rigid PVC spiral. Designed for fish farming and carrying fish products and heavy duty applications.

Product Code:PVCHSE041
Ø I.D.:
Ø O.D.:
Total Thickness:
Bending Radius:
Working Pressure 1:3 23°C:
Bursting Pressure 23°C:
Vacuum 23°c:
Ø Rigid Spiral axb If Oval):
Spiral Pitch:
Spiral Direction:right
Coil Length:
£117.72 per coil (ex. VAT)
£141.26 (incl. VAT)
Product CodeØ I.D.Ø I.D.Ø O.D.Total ThicknessWeightBending RadiusWorking Pressure 1:3 23°CBursting Pressure 23°CVacuum 23°cØ Rigid Spiral axb If Oval)Spiral PitchSpiral DirectionCoil Length
PVCHSE041-014 inch102 mm121.6 mm10 mm2900 g/m200 mm2.5 bar7.5 bar10 m h2o7.8 mm14 mmright20 m
PVCHSE041-025 inch127 mm149 mm11 mm3600 g/m300 mm2.5 bar7.5 bar9.5 m h2o8.8 mm17.5 mmright20 m
PVCHSE041-036 inch152 mm175.4 mm11.5 mm5600 g/m350 mm2 bar6 bar9.5 m h2o12x10 mm20.5 mmright20 m
PVCHSE041-048 inch203 mm230.2 mm13.5 mm9200 g/m600 mm2 bar6 bar9.5 m h2o13,5x11,5 mm22 mmright10 m
PVCHSE041-0510 inch254 mm290 mm18 mm14500 g/m1000 mm1.5 bar4.5 bar9.5 m h2o18x16 mm30 mmright10 m
PVCHSE041-0612 inch305 mm344.8 mm20 mm19000 g/m1500 mm1.5 bar4.5 bar9.5 m h2o18,5x16,5 mm29 mmright10 m
PVCHSE041-0714 inch355 mm396 mm20 mm22000 g/m2200 mm1.25 bar3.75 bar9 m h2o18 x 17,5 mm30 mmright10 m
PVCHSE041-0816 inch407 mm450 mm21.5 mm28000 g/m3000 mm1 bar3 bar9 m h2o20,5 x 19 mm33.5 mmright10 m