Termoflex 150°c Double


Hose made in neoprene coated fibreglass with a galvanised steel spiral embedded between two layers of neoprene. Designed for the suction of fumes and hot air.

Product Code:PVCHSE088
Ø O.D.:
Bending Radius:
Working Pressure 1:3 23°C:
Bursting Pressure 23°C:
Vacuum 23°c:
Coil Length:4 m
£0.00 per coil (ex. VAT)
£0.00 (incl. VAT)
Product CodeØ I.D.Ø O.D.WeightBending RadiusWorking Pressure 1:3 23°CBursting Pressure 23°CVacuum 23°cCoil Length
PVCHSE088-0151 mm56 mm360 g/m51 mm2.6 bar7.8 bar5.2 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-0263 mm68 mm485 g/m63 mm2.4 bar7.2 bar4.5 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-0370 mm75 mm540 g/m70 mm2.1 bar6.3 bar4.4 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-0476 mm81 mm580 g/m76 mm2.1 bar6.3 bar4.3 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-0583 mm87 mm630 g/m83 mm2.1 bar6.3 bar4.1 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-0689 mm94 mm690 g/m89 mm2 bar6 bar4 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-07102 mm107 mm770 g/m102 mm1.9 bar5.7 bar3.5 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-08114 mm120 mm845 g/m114 mm1.5 bar4.5 bar3 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-09121 mm127 mm885 g/m121 mm1.5 bar4.5 bar2.4 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-10127 mm133 mm925 g/m127 mm1.4 bar4.2 bar2.3 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-11140 mm146 mm1000 g/m140 mm1.3 bar3.9 bar2 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-12152 mm158 mm1200 g/m152 mm1.2 bar3.6 bar1.7 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-13178 mm189 mm1430 g/m178 mm1 bar3 bar1.2 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-14203 mm209 mm1650 g/m203 mm0.7 bar2.1 bar0.9 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-15254 mm260 mm2090 g/m254 mm0.5 bar1.5 bar0.7 m h2o4 m
PVCHSE088-16305 mm311 mm2610 g/m305 mm0.3 bar0.9 bar0.5 m h2o4 m


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