Santoprene Tubing

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Santoprene is a high performance thermoplastic elastomer, renowned for its flexibility and long-term performance. Capable of withstanding temperatures from -20 degrees C to around 135 degrees C this food-approved non-toxic material is ideal for use as peristaltic pump tubing, generally in the food processing industry.

Provincial Rubber supplies British industry with quality rubber, plastic and polymer products to suit all applications. We are trusted suppliers to large companies such as Unilever, Red Bull and Glaxo Smith Kline.

Our helpful sales team are on standby to fulfil all industry requirements for Santoprene tubing. Just call us on 0117 954 1117 and we’ll take note of your specifications.

We deliver Santoprene peristaltic tubing to anywhere in the UK.

Product CodeBore DiameterWall ThicknessOutside DiameterCoil Size
RTU004-SANT-011.6 mm1.6 mm4.8 mm15 mtr
RTU004-SANT-023.2 mm1.6 mm6.4 mm15 mtr
RTU004-SANT-035 mm1.5 mm8 mm15 mtr
RTU004-SANT-044.8 mm1.6 mm8 mm15 mtr
RTU004-SANT-056.4 mm1.6 mm9.6 mm15 mtr
RTU004-SANT-068 mm1.6 mm11.2 mm15 mtr
RTU004-SANT-071.6 mm2.4 mm6.4 mm15 mtr
RTU004-STAN-083.2 mm2.4 mm8 mm15 mtr
RTU004-STAN-094.8 mm2.4 mm9.6 mm15 mtr
RTU004-STAN-106.4 mm2.4 mm11.2 mm15 mtr
RTU004-STAN-118 mm2.4 mm12.8 mm15 mtr
RTU004-STAN-129.6 mm2.4 mm14.4 mm15 mtr
RTU004-STAN-1312.7 mm3.2 mm19.1 mm15 mtr
RTU004-STAN-1419 mm4.8 mm28.6 mm15 mtr