Bench Static Kits

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It’s safety first all the way in industry today, assured with the help of our Bench Static Kits, designed to keep workstations and work benches grounded to protect people and electronic machinery.

Provincial Rubber has put together these bench static kits which offer not only convenience but also excellent value for money. With the kit you can easily create an electrostatic discharge safe area on your workbench or table.

Each kit includes a triple layer bench static mat – a conductive layer sandwiched between a solid vinyl top and foam base – available in different sizes and a choice of blue or grey colour.

It also comes with a wristband to wear to ground yourself securely, a stud to stud coil cord, common point ground wire incorporating a banana socket and an earth bonding plug to connect lead to earth.

To get kitted out simply order here online and we’ll dispatch your bench static kit straight away for delivery anywhere across the UK.

  • Each kit includes:
  • Benchstat mat
  • Male stud to connect to common point wire
  • Wristband with 10mm male stud to connect to coil cord
  • Coil cord 10mm male stud and 10mm female stud 1.8m long
  • Common point ground wire 10mm male stud and 10mm female stud incorporating 4mm banana socket – length 4.5m
  • Earth bonding plug to connect lead to earth

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