UK Earth Bonding Plug

Product Code:PVCFLOOR068

Depending on which way you look at it, the Earth Bonding plug is either the starting point of the whole ESD system, or the end of it!

The plug fits into a mains electricity supply socket, but makes a connection only with the earth conductor. The other pins – live and neutral pins in a normal plug – in this special plug are made of moulded insulating plastic. This means this plug has only one metal pin, which functions to ground the ESD system it is attached to.

Our bright yellow – high visibility – earth bonding plug is designed to fit UK standard mains plug outlets.

It includes a connector stud which allows it to be connected to a grounding cord and various other elements your ESD set-up, such as coil cords, wristbands, heel grounders and of course workbench or floor ESD mats.

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  • Ideal grounding point for bench/floor mats and personnel.
  • Designed to fit UK standard mains plug outlets.
  • Does not have a resistor (which is integral with all ground cords).
  • Neutral and mains voltage pins are plastics.
  • Earth pin is metal for guaranteed safety.
  • ALSO available: European Earth Bonding Plug for EU standard mains. Further information on request.
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