Bubble Pro Connect

  • Three modules can be linked together to cover any shaped area.
  • Raised bubbled surface to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Soft but sturdy rubber material offers comfort from cold hard concrete floors.
Product Code:PVCFLOOR138
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Natural rubber

Surface Finish

Bubble shaped

Product Height


Operating Temperature

-30°C to +50°

Environmental Resistance

Use predominantly in dry areas

Cleaning Method

Use a high pressure hose (not exceeding 60psi) to remove the dirt and debris on the mats. For best results use a mild detergent (pH 4.0-9.0) to clean the mats. Do not use steam or degreasers or caustic chemicals. Do not mechanically scrub the mats

Country of Origin

Sri Lanka


50cm x 50cm (Middle), 50cm x 50cm (End), 50cm x 50cm (Corner)


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