The PF-101 is a hot-pressing device for joining of belts and tapes up to a width of 100 mm and a thickness of 6 mm. Maximum finger length is 120 mm. It is designed mainly for Flexproof, but Thermofix is also possible. It features a precise individual temperature control of both press plates, and the automatically controlled forced air cooling system ensures hassle free operation, especially on installations.

The compact control unit is connected to the press body by cables of about 2 m length, ideal for install situations. Handles can be fitted to the press body in various places for optimum handling in different installation situations. The press body halves can be separated for easy installation in tight space conditions, or the press can be inserted over the belt in one piece like a tong, and then closed at the front. Pressure is applied by tightening two screws.

The PF-101 is especially suitable for on-site installations.


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