The AFZ-1200P is the portable version of AFZ-1200 preparing (die-cutting) device without supporting structure, suitable for transport in a station wagon or van. It is used for efficient die-cutting of belts and tapes up to a width of 1250 mm and a thickness of 8 mm for the Flexproof or Step-Flex (finger over finger, only two-ply belts) joints. It is suitable for all standard finger geometries with a pitch of 10 mm or 20 mm. Other geometries can be made with special multiple finger punching heads. Die-cutting operation is pneumatic, lateral feed of the punching head is manual by means of an indexed crank drive.

The machine is of "open throat" design, i.e. wider belts can be punched in several steps.

The AFZ-1200P is ideal for medium volume conveyor belt fabrication and on-site installations.


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