The AT-305 is a preparing device for skiving of belts up to a width of 300 mm and a thickness of 6 mm. The belt is clamped and stuck on a steel table. This table is adjustable in tilt and is fed under a grinding drum on precise guides. The grinding drum is driven by a powerful three phase electric motor; feed is by means of a hand wheel. The result of this operation is a precise skiving, even on the most demanding belt products.

The AT-305 is especially suitable for preparation of Thermofix joints of power transmission belts in the fabrication workshop. There is a similar device, AT-306 with automatic self contained hydraulic feed drive. An upgrading kit is available to modify AT-305 to an AT-306.

For wider applications (e.g. conveyor belts), the AT-600 skiver and the AT-1205 disk skiver are better suitable..


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