Polyamide Spindle Tapes


Variant Availability

See PDF in the table below for full product and technical details.

Product Code Manufacturer code Technical Data Product Construction/Design
Friction cover Traction layer Reverse cover
Thickness [mm] Pulley diameter (minimum) [mm] Tensile force for 1% elongation (k1% after running in) [N/mm] Material Surface structure Colour Material Material Surface structure Colour
PAT001-01 TS-10 0.8 2.5 Polyamide (PA) fabric Fabric Light green Polyamide (PA) Polyamide (PA) fabric Fabric Yellow
PAT001-02 TS-5 0.55 2.5 Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Rubber (NBR) Sand finish Green Polyamide (PA) fabric Polyamide (PA)/cellulose (CEL) fabric Fabric Yellow
PAT001-03 TS-55 0.85 4 Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Rubber (NBR) as friction cover (pulley/cylinder side) Sand finish Green Polyamide (PA) foil Polyamide (PA)/Cotton (CO) fabric as friction cover (whirl side) Fabric Yellow