America Flex


Special mixture PVC hose with rigid PVC spiral. Making it extremely flexible. Designed for both the suction and delivery of liquids, irrigation, cleaning of sewers and cesspits.

Product Code:PVCHSE032
Ø I.D.:
Ø O.D.:
Total Thickness:
Bending Radius:
Working Pressure 1:3 23°C:
Bursting Pressure 23°C:
Vacuum 23°c:
Ø Rigid Spiral axb If Oval):
Spiral Pitch:
Spiral Direction:right
Coil Length:
£12.45 per coil (ex. VAT)
£14.94 (incl. VAT)
Product CodeØ I.D.Ø I.D.Ø O.D.Total ThicknessWeightBending RadiusWorking Pressure 1:3 23°CBursting Pressure 23°CVacuum 23°cØ Rigid Spiral axb If Oval)Spiral PitchSpiral DirectionCoil Length
PVCHSE032-012 inch51 mm59.6 mm4.4 mm850 g/m160 mm3 bar9 bar8 m h2o4.1 mm9 mmright50 m
PVCHSE032-022 1/2 inch63 mm73.5 mm5 mm1100 g/m200 mm3 bar9 bar8 m h2o4.5 mm10.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE032-033 inch76 mm87.2 mm5.5 mm1500 g/m250 mm3 bar9 bar8 m h2o5 mm11.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE032-0480 mm91 mm5.5 mm1650 g/m270 mm3 bar9 bar8 m h2o5 mm11.7 mmright30 m
PVCHSE032-053 1/2 inch90 mm99.9 mm5.5 mm1900 g/m290 mm2 bar6 bar8 m h2o5.1 mm11.7 mmright30 m
PVCHSE032-064 inch102 mm113.6 mm6 mm2300 g/m330 mm2 bar6 bar7 m h2o5.7 mm13 mmright30 m
PVCHSE032-075 inch127 mm141 mm7 mm3300 g/m410 mm2 bar6 bar7 m h2o6.5 mm13.5 mmright20 m
PVCHSE032-086 inch152 mm167.4 mm7.5 mm4300 g/m500 mm2 bar6 bar7 m h2o7 mm15 mmright20 m


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