Oregon Pe Hf/tphf – 911290 Oregon Pe Ant. Hf/tphf


Polyethylene (PE) hose with reinforcing Polypropylene (PP) spiral. Designed for both the suction and transportation of dusts, abrasive materials, fumes, gases, chemical solutions, aggressive liquids and insulation materials, asbestos removal. Antistatic or conductive versions on demand.

Product Code:PVCHSE053
Ø I.D.:
Ø O.D.:
Wall Thickness:
Total Thickness:
Bending Radius:
Working Pressure 1:3 23°C:
Bursting Pressure 23°C:
Vacuum 23°c:
Ø Rigid Spiral axb If Oval):
Spiral Pitch:
Spiral Direction:right
Coil Length:30 m
£6.21 per coil (ex. VAT)
£7.45 (incl. VAT)
Product CodeØ I.D.Ø I.D.Ø O.D.Wall ThicknessTotal ThicknessWeightBending RadiusWorking Pressure 1:3 23°CBursting Pressure 23°CVacuum 23°cØ Rigid Spiral axb If Oval)Spiral PitchSpiral DirectionCoil Length
PVCHSE053-0120 mm25.2 mm0.3 mm2.6 mm110 g/m70 mm0,7 bar2.1 bar6 m h2o3,9x2,6 mm7 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-0225 mm30.6 mm0.3 mm2.8 mm130 g/m75 mm0,5 bar1.5 bar4 m h2o4x2,8 mm7.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-0330 mm35.8 mm0.3 mm2.9 mm150 g/m90 mm0,5 bar1.5 bar4 m h2o4x2,8 mm7.8 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-0432 mm38 mm0.4 mm3.0 mm170 g/m100 mm0,5 bar1.5 bar4 m h2o4x2,8 mm8 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-0535 mm41.2 mm0.4 mm3.1 mm185 g/m105 mm0,5 bar1.5 bar4 m h2o4,3x3,1 mm8.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-061 1/2 inch38 mm44 mm0.4 mm3.2 mm190 g/m115 mm0,5 bar1.5 bar4 m h2o4,1x3,1 mm8.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-0740 mm46.6 mm0.4 mm3.3 mm200 g/m120 mm0,4 bar1.2 bar3 m h2o4,1x3,1 mm8.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-0845 mm52 mm0.5 mm3.5 mm240 g/m135 mm0,4 bar1.2 bar3 m h2o4,5x3,5 mm9 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-0950 mm57.6 mm0.5 mm3.8 mm290 g/m150 mm0,4 bar1.2 bar3 m h2o4,5x3,6 mm9.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-102 inch51 mm58.6 mm0.5 mm3.9 mm300 g/m150 mm0,4 bar1.2 bar3 m h2o4,7x4 mm9.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-1160 mm68.4 mm0.5 mm4.2 mm340 g/m180 mm0,3 bar1.2 bar2.5 m h2o4,8x4,2 mm10 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-122 1/2 inch63 mm73.5 mm0.5 mm4.5 mm380 g/m160 mm0,3 bar0.9 bar2.5 m h2o4,8x4,3 mm10.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-1370 mm79.4 mm0.5 mm4.7 mm450 g/m210 mm0,3 bar0.9 bar2.0 m h2o5,3x4,8 mm11.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-1475 mm85 mm0.6 mm5.0 mm520 g/m180 mm0,3 bar0.9 bar2 m h2o5,8x5 mm12.3 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-153 inch76 mm86 mm0.6 mm5.0 mm530 g/m180 mm0,2 bar0.9 bar2 m h2o5,8x5 mm12.3 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-1680 mm90.4 mm0.6 mm5.2 mm550 g/m230 mm0,3 bar0.8 bar1.5 m h2o6x5,2 mm14 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-1790 mm101.4 mm0.6 mm5.7 mm650 g/m270 mm0,2 bar0.6 bar1.0 m h2o6,1x5,3 mm14 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-18100 mm112 mm0.6 mm6.0 mm750 g/m300 mm0,2 bar0.6 bar1 m h2o6,2x5,3 mm14.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-194 inch102 mm113.6 mm0.6 mm6.0 mm750 g/m305 mm0,2 bar0.6 bar1 m h2o6,2x5,3 mm14.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-20110 mm122.6 mm0.6 mm6.3 mm825 g/m330 mm---6,3x5,4 mm15 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-21120 mm133 mm0.6 mm6.5 mm900 g/m360 mm---6,5x5,4 mm15.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-22125 mm138.4 mm0.7 mm6.7 mm930 g/m375 mm---6,7x5,5 mm16 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-23127 mm141 mm0.7 mm7.0 mm930 g/m380 mm---6,8x5,8 mm16 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-24130 mm72 mm0.8 mm7.2 mm975 g/m390 mm---7x6 mm16 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-25140 mm155 mm0.8 mm7.5 mm1050 g/m420 mm---7,2x6,1 mm16 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-26150 mm165.6 mm0.8 mm7.8 mm1125 g/m450 mm---7,4x6,3 mm18 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-27160 mm176 mm0.9 mm8.0 mm1200 g/m480 mm---7,6x6,5 mm18 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-28180 mm197 mm0.9 mm8.5 mm1350 g/m540 mm---8x7 mm19 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-29200 mm218 mm0.9 mm9.0 mm1500 g/m600 mm---8,5x7,5 mm20 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-30250 mm270 mm1 mm10.0 mm2250 g/m750 mm---9,5x8,2 mm23 mmright30 m
PVCHSE053-31300 mm320 mm1 mm10.0 mm2250 g/m900 mm---10x9 mm28 mmright30 m


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