Ragno Pu Conduttivo

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Product Code:PVCHSE105

Anti-abrasive Polyurethane (PU) and thermoplastic rubber compound hose with a polyester yarn reinforcement. Designed for use; on machines with ATEX regulation, for general pneumatic tools, airbrushes and paint sprayers.

Product CodeØ I.D.Ø I.D.Ø O.D.Total ThicknessWeightBending RadiusWorking Pressure 1:3 23°CWorking Pressure 40°CWorking Pressure 60°CBursting Pressure 23°CCoil Length
PVCHSE105-011/4 inch6 mm10 mm2 mm70 g/m20 mm20 bar17 bar15 bar60 bar100 m
PVCHSE105-025/16 inch8 mm12 mm2 mm85 g/m22 mm20 bar17 bar15 bar60 bar60 m
PVCHSE105-033/8 inch10 mm15 mm2.5 mm130 g/m38 mm20 bar17 bar15 bar60 bar50 m
PVCHSE105-043/8 inch10 mm19 mm4.5 mm240 g/m25 mm20 bar17 bar15 bar60 bar30 m
PVCHSE105-051/2 inch13 mm19 mm3 mm195 g/m65 mm20 bar17 bar15 bar60 bar30 m
PVCHSE105-065/8 inch16 mm23 mm3.5 mm250 g/m60 mm20 bar17 bar15 bar60 bar25 m