Rubber Tubing – Black Neoprene


Our Black Neoprene Rubber tubing is highly flexible and resistant. Suitable for use in a variety of hydraulic, pneumatic, medical, and specialty applications. 

Product Code:RTU006-BLK
Outside Diameter:
Coil Size:10 mtr
£17.49 per roll (ex. VAT)
£20.99 (incl. VAT)
Product CodeBore DiameterWall ThicknessOutside DiameterCoil Size
RTU006-BLK-013 mm0.76 mm4.5 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-023 mm3 mm9 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-035 mm1.5 mm8 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-045 mm4 mm13 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-056.5 mm1.5 mm9.5 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-066.5 mm5 mm16.6 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-078 mm2 mm12 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-088 mm6 mm20 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-0910 mm2 mm14 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-1010 mm7 mm24 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-1112.5 mm2.25 mm17 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-1216 mm3.25 mm22.5 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-1320 mm3.25 mm26.5 mm10 mtr
RTU006-BLK-1425 mm3.25 mm31.5 mm10 mtr