Rubber Hose And Cable Ramp


The WHHCR08 Hose and Cable Ramp is a 3 channel end connector for the WHHCR07 Hose and Cable Ramp. This part is sold as a pair, one male and one female fitting.This part has no lid.

Note: These ramps are for temporary deployment and not for permanent fitting.

Dimensions:(Male fitting) 150  x 590 x 80 mm : (Female fitting) 200  x 590 x 80 mm
Weight:9 kg
£40.00 (ex. VAT)
£48.00 (incl. VAT)
In Stock
Max Load

12 Tonnes per vehicle axle when joined to WHHCR07

Outer Channels

70mm wide x 50mm deep

Inner Channel

55mm wide x 50mm deep


50mm deep x 35mm wide

Max loading

12 Tonnes per single wheel axle.

2 Channels

32mm base x 34mm high


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