Polyamide Folder-Gluer Belts


Our superior polyamide folder-gluer belts are available to order straight away for fast delivery to any UK destination. Just call our sales team on 0117 954 1117 with your specifications for a price quotation or fill in your requirements on our online contact form.

Our folder-gluer belts are the product of many years experience spent perfecting polyamide belts so that they fulfil all the requirements for high durability, good positive grip and coping with rough conditions.

Our polyamide folder-gluer belts have offer good dimensional stability and precise folding, with good abrasion resistance, gentle treatment of goods and no marking.

Choose from two different constructions: the traditional version with a traction layer of PA foil and PA fabrics, or a more sophisticated type with a thermoplastic foil traction layer combined with polyamide fabrics for adhesive-free joining.

Ask for full details when you call to place your order.


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