PVC hose with rigid PVC spiral. Designed for both the suction and ducting of air, fumes, chips, dusts, textile filaments and ventilation. Self-extinguishing in compliance with UL 94 V2.

Product Code:PVCHSE049
Ø I.D.:
Ø O.D.:
Wall Thickness:
Total Thickness:
Bending Radius:
Vacuum 23°c:
Ø Rigid Spiral axb If Oval):
Spiral Pitch:
Spiral Direction:right
Coil Length:
£0.00 per coil (ex. VAT)
£0.00 (incl. VAT)
Product CodeØ I.D.Ø I.D.Ø O.D.Wall ThicknessTotal ThicknessWeightBending RadiusVacuum 23°cØ Rigid Spiral axb If Oval)Spiral PitchSpiral DirectionCoil Length
PVCHSE049-0118 mm26.2 mm1.2 mm4.1 mm200 g/m18 mm5 m h2o3.3 mm7.2 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-0220 mm26 mm0.9 mm3 mm170 g/m20 mm5 m h2o2.8 mm6.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-031 inch25 mm30.6 mm0.7 mm2.8 mm185 g/m25 mm5 m h2o2.7 mm7.2 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-0430 mm35.6 mm0.7 mm2.8 mm225 g/m30 mm5 m h2o2.7 mm7.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-051 1/4 inch32 mm38.2 mm0.8 mm3.1 mm255 g/m32 mm5 m h2o2.8 mm8.3 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-0635 mm41.4 mm0.8 mm3.2 mm300 g/m35 mm5 m h2o3 mm8 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-071 1/2 inch38 mm44.4 mm0.8 mm3.2 mm310 g/m38 mm5 m h2o3 mm8 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-0840 mm46.6 mm0.9 mm3.3 mm330 g/m40 mm4 m h2o3.1 mm8.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-091 3/4 inch45 mm51.6 mm0.9 mm3.3 mm370 g/m45 mm4 m h2o3.2 mm9.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-102 inch50 mm57.4 mm1 mm3.7 mm440 g/m50 mm4 m h2o3.6 mm10 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-1160 mm68 mm1 mm4 mm560 g/m60 mm4 m h2o3.9 mm12 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-122 1/2 inch63 mm71.5 mm1 mm4 mm600 g/m63.5 mm4 m h2o3.9 mm10.8 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-1370 mm78.2 mm1 mm4.1 mm640 g/m70 mm4 m h2o4 mm11.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-1475 mm84.4 mm1.1 mm4.7 mm730 g/m75 mm4 m h2o4.5 mm13.5 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-153 inch76 mm80.9 mm1.1 mm4.7 mm730 g/m76 mm4 m h2o4.5 mm13 mmright50 m
PVCHSE049-1680 mm89.6 mm1.1 mm4.7 mm790 g/m80 mm4 m h2o4.5 mm14 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-173 1/2 inch90 mm100.2 mm1.1 mm5.1 mm950 g/m90 mm4 m h2o4.8 mm14 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-18100 mm109.4 mm1 mm4.7 mm980 g/m100 mm4 m h2o4.5 mm14 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-194 inch102 mm111 mm1 mm4.7 mm980 g/m101 mm4 m h2o4.5 mm14 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-20110 mm120 mm1.2 mm5 mm1120 g/m110 mm4 m h2o5 mm15.3 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-21120 mm131 mm1.3 mm5.5 mm1300 g/m120 mm4 m h2o5 mm17 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-22125 mm136.5 mm1.2 mm5.5 mm1360 g/m125 mm4 m h2o5.2 mm17.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-235 inch127 mm138 mm1.2 mm5.5 mm1360 g/m127 mm4 m h2o5.2 mm17.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-24130 mm141.4 mm1.2 mm5.7 mm1440 g/m130 mm4 m h2o5.4 mm17.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-25140 mm152.5 mm1.2 mm6 mm1600 g/m140 mm4 m h2o5.5 mm18.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-26150 mm163 mm1.3 mm6.5 mm1760 g/m150 mm4 m h2o5.6 mm19.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-276 inch152 mm165.4 mm1.3 mm6.5 mm1760 g/m152 mm4 m h2o5.6 mm19.5 mmright30 m
PVCHSE049-28160 mm173 mm1.3 mm6.5 mm1930 g/m160 mm4 m h2o6 mm20 mmright20 m
PVCHSE049-29180 mm194 mm1.3 mm6.5 mm2300 g/m180 mm4 m h2o6 mm21 mmright20 m
PVCHSE049-30200 mm214 mm1.3 mm7 mm2650 g/m200 mm4 m h2o6.5 mm22 mmright20 m
PVCHSE049-31250 mm266.2 mm1.3 mm7.6 mm3600 g/m250 mm4 m h2o6.8 mm24 mmright15 m
PVCHSE049-32300 mm320 mm1.5 mm7.6 mm4500 g/m300 mm4 m h2o7.2 mm24.5 mmright10 m
PVCHSE049-3312 inch305 mm320 mm1.5 mm7.6 mm4500 g/m300 mm4 m h2o7.2 mm24.5 mmright10 m


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