Coiled ESD Cord

Product Code:PVCFLOOR065

Coiled ESD grounding cords are used to connect components together to create an electrostatic discharge protected work area. For instance this coil cord can connect grounding wrist straps, anti-static bench mat and earth bonding points.

Our ESD coil cords are vital for protection of workers and equipment in any environment where electronics are being used, manufactured, assembled or repaired.

Provincial Rubber offers this bright high visibility yellow coloured Coil Cord as part of our range of ESD matting and equipment, used by a wide variety of industries, large and small, across Britain.

The coiled cord is 1.8m long, tangle-free, and comes with good coil memory so it won’t lose its spring and leave cord dragging on the work surface. Further features are:

  • 1 meg Ω resistor incorporated for operator safety
  • 10mm stud to 10mm stud

To order coil cords or any other ESD matting and equipment from our extensive range get in touch with our friendly sales team on 0117 9541117, email, or use the online contact form. We deliver fast to any address in the UK.



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