Heel Grounder


Our heel grounders are essential personal wearable grounding protection for those working in an Electrostatic Protected Area. These heel grounders are designed to ground the operator when used on appropriate conductive or dissipative flooring or floor mats.

Our heel grounders are durable and hardwearing, constructed with long-lasting rubber, easy to affix to any shoe shape or size to provide a continuous path-to-ground between a person and the ESD protected flooring. The conductive tab ensures reliable and effective skin contact.

The heel grounders are fitted with a 1 meg ohms resistor for operator safety. Two grounders are recommended at all times for complete ESD safety.

If you require heel grounders, or any other ESD matting and equipment, please contact our helpful sales team to place your order – they’re happy to give free advice too! You can call us on 0117 9541117 or use the online contact form. We deliver speedily to any address in the UK, direct from our warehouse stock.

  • Designed to ground operator when used on suitable conductive or dissipative flooring.
  • Hardwearing, long-lasting rubber construction for shoe shapes/sizes.
  • Conductive tab ensures reliable and effective skin contact.
  • Two grounders recommended at all times for complete ESD safety.
  • Fitted with 1 meg Ω resistor for operator safety.
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